Sunday, 24 July 2011

Summerfix - Part III

And the last part of our summerfixing this week. We finally got the lamp delivered from K-Rauta this week, and installed it in our Stone Group ...

Summerfix - Part II

Another Summerfix this week was installing white curtains in the White Room.
Especially in the summer it gives a little bit more privacy while you still feel the sea through them … ( and they are easily opened off course using the Kvartal rail system from IKEA)

And if you look closely behind the curtains you will see that the speakers got a wall fix as well.

Summer Kitchen ...

One of this years summer projects was to "fix" a summer kitchen.

With some of the wood we had left from the front porch and some creative shopping in Ikea (we got the sink for 99 SEK and our favorite tap called Hjuvik for half the price) we got this little beauty up and running in a day.

We decided to hook up the tap to the outdoors summer water, so it is easy to disassemble in the winter and take the tap inside (not sure if the sink will stay outside) and with some creative connections, we transferred the 3/8" or R10 into a R15 connection that is safely secured to the summer waterhose (thanks to the nice lady at Bauhaus who helped us with this puzzle).

Cleaning fresh strawberries under the running water outside is a real treat and having an outdoor kitchen is much more as just a gimmick and really increases the outdoor experience.

So, how much did the outdoor summer kitchen cost (without the Weber, as that is albeit another story) ...

1.000 SEK for the Tap (the luxury element)
99 SEK for the Sink

Another 500 SEK for all the different water elements under the sink (in and out)

Some leftover wood and screws and a sunny afternoon.

Total cost: less as 2.000 SEK

Ohh, and Wivi decided to submit our "summerfix" for Ikeas summer competition, so fingers crossed :-)