Sunday, 13 March 2011

A designer cage

Do you have kidz ?
Do they have an hamster ?
Are you not completely into fancy colored Tupperware ?

Do read on ... there might be a solution.

Our Cricetinae or as we call him Zlatan has been living in the classic nightmare colorful cage, after the Ovo from Habitrail was completely eaten by Sir Lancelot. So although we did like the Ovo from a designer perspective, the cage did not stand the critter of time (or Sir Lancelot in this case) and has been ripped to pieces (idem diti for the original Zlatan cage as he managed to eat himself out of his first cage overnight).
So we have been looking for a large white designer cage to host our overactive Critecinae aka Hamster and did a few shops to scout for the right cage.

Today our collective eye fell for the below designer cage from Zoo also called Garby 60... and with all the black steel and glass tubes All the Way you have to admit this cage has all the looks it need ...

So, completed it took Zlatan by surprise.

We will post pictures later of Zlatan enjoying his cage and going completely wild on the black metal bars like a true pole dancer climbing the roof, but that is for the sequel ...

For now, we have found our designer cage for the wonderful hamster called Zlatan ...

What do you think about the cage ?
Designer or not ?

Let us know below ...

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