Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Table Project - Part I

It has been a while, since we made a post at the XHM side of the family, but the Table Project is for sure one of the new XHM projects we are ramping up here at House V.

So, we have been looking at various tables for a very long time, and today we executed the first part of the delivery of the Table Project Plan now that we have moved in the deploy phase, after successfully have planned, build and tested the Table Project Plan.

Here we have the classical "before" scene, where we have our good old IKEA table and 6 classic chairs that have served us for the last 12 years and for sure shows the landmarks of two boys testing their knives and other cutlery when growing up.

Our good old IKEA table will keep on serving the family in a more honorary phase of the project, but stay tuned for that one.

So, our long term search from IKEA over MIO through some other local stores had us finally fall in love with the Skirö table of EM and it was time to go and pick up the table and the chairs (not from EM, but from ).

So our hallway was pretty much filled up with packages when we started the deploy phase of the project and we even ignored a global traffic warning in the Stockholm Area to stay home if really not needed to travel, due to the heavy snowfall. Off course we had a mission, and had to drive.

A clean workspace is always a good start, and Ruth (more on Ruth soon) was tasked to take on this piece of work. (And yes, we need to sand and oil the floor, but this spring project is already planned.)

So, bringing in the packages on the shopfloor, and honestly, I have to admit I was slightly worried on the quality of the installation instructions (if any) but was nicely surprised to see that installation instructions were available ...

And were crisp and clear to understand and follow.

While unpacking, I got confused when I discovered a hardware box in the core of the second box, and was already anticipating a full fledge software update ...

But after close inspection, this box contained all the "hardware" I needed to get the table connected. Including tools.

The building plan (should we brand this software ?) was very detailed and even the large tabletop was numbered (2) to make sure there was no misunderstanding this was the table top.

A very clear DWI (Detailed Work Instruction) with clear pictograms and numbering.

So, software, hardware and building blocks at hand ...

And within minutes, the table started to take shape, and the build quality of this one is sturdy.

Almost there, and ready to get undressed completely and the protecting was a triple layer of cardboard, white board and whit foam ...

So, before we knew it was time to open the last two extension packages from Vietnam (ouch, our carbon footprint just went up again).

And a full extended body of 2.90 at 90 cm is making it's mark in the living room. Ready to serve the upcoming family parties that are scheduled across February and March.

In her day to day live this beauty will operate in her standard size of 1 meter 90 on 90, and be supported with 8 new chairs.

So here we have the "after" picture where our EM table and chairs have taken up there duty to serve lunch, dinner and other artistic projects of the family.

So, first part of The Table Project completed.

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