Sunday, 29 March 2009

Water Day ...

Yesterday was the Vote Earth Day or Earth Hour Day and we did switch off the lights at 8:30 PM.

Not always that easy when you have home automation active and use motion detectors to switch on lights (and thus conserve energy) but since all motion detectors are connected with velcro, a simple tour round the house fixed that problem.

For next year I think we should commit to a full hour of no electricity, so its a more active gesture and reflection of how we handle energy and raw materials we take for granted like clean water to drink (hence the picture).

Two weeks ago we emptied our well by accident, and some dirt blocked the fall back valve (or whatever that thing is called) and we spent a few days without running water while trying to determine the actual rootcause and getting an engineer on site. So we had to use the neighbours water in buckets.

And I really think it is a great experience, not just for us as adults, but especially for the kids.

Water is not something you can take for granted by opening the valve.
Water is all around us, but we need to take care of it.

We use it to shower, we use it to make food, we use it to spool the toilet, we use it to make coffee, we use it ...

I don't want to sound like a preaching evangelist here, but just wanted to suggest you take the experiment one day of shutting down the main water valve and see how many places in house you actually do use water ... for granted.

Now back to the hot tub :-)
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