Sunday, 15 February 2009


Remember those days when we told you about the table full of X10 elements that had arrived.

Well, today we took a jump in the deep and started to look at a Swedish Alternative, called Nexa.

The main driver for this was that Nexa is readily available here in Sweden in any main street DIY Shop like K-Rauta or Bauhaus and it caught my eye as it has the typical X10 wheel, but would it work with our already installed suite of X10 and Homeseer ?

So what is Nexa ?
Nexa is a rebrand of the Home Easy Product range using its own proprietary format and targetted to the Swedish Market.
I dare to say it follows closely the original X10 design concepts, and has then changed it so that every single unit is a receiver.
It doesn't follow the mesh network approach of Z-Wave, so it has direct range limitations, but it is not as sensitive as X10 to garbage on the electricity grid ... and farmost it is readily available in your local DIY store.

Will we continue to use it ?
Well, we wouldn't want to make the jump to a new protocol if it would not be possible to integrate with HS, and the good news is that it does integrate using the RFXCOM add-on.

So for the more advanced(*) home geekz like myself this is pretty good news.
And for our starter friends who want to implement the walking closet project, you can now also do it with nexa as a starter kit :-)

Annelee, no need to run to Belgium and order the X10.
A simple Nexa PIR and Plugin Module should get you started, I will make the shopping list for you in a next little project, together with some more detailed pros and cons (**).

But now I have to run to get our Sneak Preview organized.

(*) Advanced means having more as three automated lightbulbs in your home.
(**) The dimmer functionality does look weird on the tested equipment.
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