Sunday, 21 December 2008

Almost One Month Later ...

Time flies fast when you are having fun ...

- We took a bath on my birthday (great fun)
- We got an extra bill from the folkpool guys (not so fun)
- We had an official holiday building break (micke went to T.)
- The Admiral Hotel in CPH is a good getaway when you are rebuilding (work has kept us busy)
- Kakel aka Ceramics have gotten a space cake touch and are in place (by proxy)
- The bathroom has had is official avant premiere yesterday when the kidz took some bubbles in the bath (wet wet fun)
- We have the picz, we just need to get them online ( time is the fourth dimension and it flies)
- The Kidz moved into the Blue Room (feeling blue)
- We are planning to move into the White Room before Xmas (we are in a colourfull mood)
- We .... will get you more pictures in retro fit (soon)
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