Saturday, 29 November 2008

A bad day ...

Yesterday was surely a bad day as everything related to bath tubs seemed to go wrong ...

We spent a large part of the day picking up our new bathtub only to realize when it was blocking the hallway the wrong model was delivered. Frustration Level A and our everlasting PM was on the phone with Bauhaus in minutes ... an agreement is in the making.

Bad part 2. The Hot Tub (also a bad) is now officially connected to the wires and declared safe by the electrician. However, now the damn thing is throwing one error after the error since it was switched from 1 phase to a 2 phase system. Rest assured our PM will tackle this one too, but would be great to officially take a dip on my birthday :-)

So bad bath day ... lets hope painting and co is going nicer today ....

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bedroom Toys

Brazil :-)

Snowstorm ...

We had to buckle up our new Master Bedroom to protect against the wind ...
Good old Dylan had a point when he said the answer was blowing in the snowstorm.

Route 66

Snowstorm Heating

The Grid II

The Grid I

Before the weekend ...
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A little X10 Project ...

... or the inside wiring of our motion controlled "garderobe" :-)

Pictures Inc.

Today we will update some of the pictures.
Not only have we moved ahead pretty well, we also painted the whole surroundings white with snow :-)

Stay Tuned !

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Flash !

Quick Status Update.

We are making good progress, and the works are going ahead.
The blocking factor is just me and getting picz online :-)

And maybe worth to do a working glog one of the weekends so some of you can have a real sneakpeak on the building progress.

Let us know your thoughts !

Monday, 10 November 2008


Guess what arrived today ... :-)

Still didn't find a local X10 shop in Sweden, so we do trust the Belgians to ship to the outskirts of Sweden the Marmitek stuff :-)

Sunday, 9 November 2008

A Box of Chocolates ...

Rebuilding is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one to take :-)

Anyway, today we had one of those days were we ran from shop to shop, trying to decide on small things like the light in the hallway, the light above the mirror in the bathroom, the inner doors or even the shower doors ...

Nothing is easy, and choosing between all the chocolates is surely a tempting endevaour. We even took a sidewalk into Mio and had a look at Coffee and Co

If you ask me Ikea will win the bathroom race, but loose Klippan against Mio ...

Anyway, for you dear visitor, we will start a new category or call it labels, where we will focus on brands and where to get them (did we tell you the Bauhaus Experience already ?)

Ohhh, and last but not least, we kind of agreed on a knee high chocolate carpet in the walk in closet ...

Friday, 7 November 2008

The Tube

Stylish ?!?

Maybe not really the correct style anymore :-P


Tribal Art

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Wilife :-)

I bumped into this one at elgiganten ...

Logitech Digital Video Security

Dot Red

Testing the lights and making "krille" happy :-)

Find the difference ?

(*) Answer: One wall is now connected with the color of Falun.

Kalle's Room

Bedroom Toys ?!?

The Bathroom View

The Entrance

With a touch of Safety :-)

The Master Bedroom

It has been awhile since we did a good old school before and after ...

Foundation: DEMIDEKK


Bags in Black II

A white Roof ...

With a little bit of luck and higher temperatures, we show you a red house soon ...
Stay tuned.

Bags in Black I

More Pictures

We promised you yesterday more pictures ...
We do keep our promise ...
Wonderfull icy morning, minus 4, the sun shining through the icecles ...

Its good to be in again with a hot cup coffee, publishing the picz :-)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Bathroom Wallz

Did I mention we got lovely tiles aka kakel ?

Connected !

Yes, this is not some optical illusion, we are now connected and our front door has officially moved :-)

The last two, three weeks have indeed been a gigantic leap forward, and just today we spent all day with cleaning outside and allthough we should have taken some picz (wonderfull autumn feeling today) we actually concentrated on cleaning, cleaning, cleaning .... and so hopefully we have the same nice weather tomorrow and we get you some great picz !!!

Bubbles Inside

Yesterday we bought our bathtub .... things are moving ahead :-)
Now we still need to decide on surf ...