Saturday, 6 September 2008

A little Thank You ...

We got some visitors today.
An XHM always attract some curious people :-)
Two of them were Mormor and Morfar and since they are going through their own XHM in a way they brought some presents along from cleaning the attic, and the cellar, and the ...

I must say the black nordtec pants are really really cool ... actually almost too cool to use for heavy duty work, but hey ... they will be my companion throughout these Xtreme House Make Over here ...

Tack Tack !!!

(*) Yes, I know you liked the no text, let the picz do the work approach Bea, and I assure you this is the exception to the rule !

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  1. :-)

    (Så jag försöker kompensera genom att ge bara en bild och iiiingen text. Det gick sisådär.... ;-)