Sunday, 31 August 2008

The FAB 4.0

Or should I say the FAB 3 for now ?

Which FAB aka SMEG is it gonna be ?

Here are the 3 candidates selected for the finals.
As you can see my favorit red one didn't survive the qualification rounds :-)

The very first one is the FAB 30
Overall the best price quality looks I would say, but maybe a tiny bit too little on the freezing side.

The Second Candidate listens to the name FAB 32 and compensates on the freezing.
Overall the one that tries to cover everything, but just maybe a tad too much a "normal" fridge ?

The Third is surely the most impressive one, both in size and price.

FAB 40 is 77 cm wide (the others a conventional 60) and also is deeper as the rest, in other words it has a tummy to be proud of.
Main objection here would be the price.

But one thing is for sure, a white colored FAB it will be ... and maybe a FAB 4.0 :-)

OK, I admit stupid joke with FAB4, just couldn't resist.
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