Sunday, 31 August 2008

Loppis III

Wivi has some kind of chair fetish and guess what we found under the house ...
Not just one, but 4 chairs and table ... now that must be an early birthday present :-)

The FAB 4.0

Or should I say the FAB 3 for now ?

Which FAB aka SMEG is it gonna be ?

Here are the 3 candidates selected for the finals.
As you can see my favorit red one didn't survive the qualification rounds :-)

The very first one is the FAB 30
Overall the best price quality looks I would say, but maybe a tiny bit too little on the freezing side.

The Second Candidate listens to the name FAB 32 and compensates on the freezing.
Overall the one that tries to cover everything, but just maybe a tad too much a "normal" fridge ?

The Third is surely the most impressive one, both in size and price.

FAB 40 is 77 cm wide (the others a conventional 60) and also is deeper as the rest, in other words it has a tummy to be proud of.
Main objection here would be the price.

But one thing is for sure, a white colored FAB it will be ... and maybe a FAB 4.0 :-)

OK, I admit stupid joke with FAB4, just couldn't resist.

Loppis II

On one of the xtreme house make over programs we have here in Sweden, the budget is based on the amount of trash that goes out. We sure would have a very big budget if you take a look at the heavy metal objects we removed from down under.

At least 20 kilos of different sized water "stuff"

Another two boat engines in bits and pieces ...

and some hydro stuff that seem to be perfect for ... the trash.

Loppis I

Today it was Loppis Time(*) ...

We knew when we bought our house we needed to clean under it, as the only organic material under your house should be spiders ... 5 years later the mission has started.

(*) Loppis is the Swedish word for fleamarket, but it is kind of a national sport and when you travel the country side you are bound to see a Loppis sign every Swedish Mile or so. Now you know it can also be just people cleaning under the house.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Old Veranda II

Anyone want the wonderfull roof, it has a very nice patina :-)

The Old Veranda

Today was one of those XHM feeling good moments.
We had an old veranda, and it had to go ...

So this was before at around 10 AM:

And around 16:00 we were looking like this:

Now lets hope we can show some nice after after pictures soon ...

The Secret Attic ?!?

Cleaning up one of the sealed attics ... and we bumped into these car windows.
Could they be from a beetle ?!?
They sure are at least from 1976 ... which makes them almost "old".

If you know what they are ... let us know !!!
If you want them, let us know too !!!

Spika or Fika ?!?

Fika IV


Wivi wants a SMEG ...
I lov'd the design of this one since I was 16
I had an original 50's as a project when I was 21
Wivi wants a SMEG ...

I can only say Yuppzzz

Die Hard Red Maybe ?

Smeg Sverige - FAB32R6

A moment of reflection ...


Thursday, 28 August 2008

No Parking ... Yet !

We were supposed to digg today ... :-(

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ready to Roll ...

Let the digging start ...

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Art in the Garden ?!?

Just Curious ?!?

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Le Catalogue Ikea 2009 est arrivé!

Well it did look a little as the good old Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! when the new Ikea catalogue arrived this week ...

It is like those Xmas Toy Store catalogues for Kidz, but then for Mummies and Daddies :-)

Anyway, the catalog is also available online, and allthough this will only be the very last stage of our XHM project, it is good to keep an eye on that one too ...

I am pretty pretty sure Wivi will start listing her stuff here, just wondering if it will all be white :-)

Monday, 18 August 2008

Thou Shall Be Remembered II

Thou Shall Be Remembered

Hommage to an apple tree (I)

Apples, apples, one, two, three,
Apples for you,
Apples for me.
Apples for big,
Apples small,
Apple trees tiny,
Apple trees tall.
Apples sour,
Apples sweet,
Apples, apples, are nice to eat.

A wonderfull apple tree had to go ...

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Fika III

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Fika I

Nordic Hot Tub: Crown II

The Crown II is on sale now for 49.900 SEK instead of the normal 58.900 SEK
We had a quick look at Folkpool in Arninge and the Crown II just looks that little bit more tempting then the Impuls DP

Added to the checklist :-)

Höstkampanj 2008 Folkpool